A culture of Safety

All subcontractors are evaluated, before joining the USA Storm Network, for compliance in meeting or exceeding OSHA minimum safety requirements.  Our safety professionals visit all contractors ensuring our utility customers receive qualified crews.
Safety Guarantee

We work to achieve nothing less than total compliance to all safety federal, state, and local laws and work rules and guidelines. We hold ourselves to a higher standard of focus on safety in every task performed and every decision made.

Qualified Workforce

Our workforce is a group of trusted and extensively vetted subcontractors working together, coordinated by United Storm Assistance, for damage assessment and power restoration for utilities.

OSHA Compliance

The United Storm Assistance team meets or exceeds OSHA safety standards on every storm event. We work tirelessly to stay up to date on new compliances and safety standards.

Onsite Audit

We conduct site and customer specific training upon arrival on every storm. A certified United Storm Assistance representative performs an onsite safety audit for each vetted subcontractor prior to consideration for joining the United Storm Assistance team on storms.

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