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At United Storm Assistance, we provide power restoration services for utility companies during emergency disasters. Our support to cooperatives and investor owned utility companies are backed by providing utility crews, equipment, assessment teams, safety, and logistical support with unparalleled safety and efficiency.
Power Restoration

USA team provides power restoration to electric utilities across the US and its territories. Our management team has over 100 years of experience in the electrical industry. Utilizing our experience, our team works closely with you to safely and effectively restore power to your customers rapidly.


United Storm Assistance understands the importance of safety for our subcontractors. All subcontractors are vetted to ensure they meet OSHA minimum requirements regarding safe working standards. USA representatives work alongside our subcontractors during a project and ensure that all federal, state, local laws, and work rules are followed.

Damage Assessment

USA team provides Damage Assessment teams within hours of an event. Accurate damage information is critical to restoring power quickly and the USA team can respond with experienced assessment crews on the ground or from the air.

Logistical support

USA team provides a number of logistical supports, including base camps and other support services. Call our team today!

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